Pio Real Estate, LLC was formed by Devon Wegner to conduct real estate  management for his personal portfolio of real estate properties consisting of commercial, residential and agricultural investments. People often ask how I can up with the name “Pio” for my company. The name came from  the University of Denver where I completed my Masters Degree in Real Estate and Construction Management. The mascot was the Pioneers, which I shorted to “Pio” to have a meaningful twist for the school that put me on the path to my passion for real estate. Pio offices in the Creamery Building, at Seventh and P streets, in the heart of the Haymarket and within walking distance block from the Canopy Street and Railyard developments and about two blocks from the Pinnacle Bank arena.

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Pio Real Estate, LLC

701 P Street, Suite 105

Lincoln, NE  68508

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Email: devonwegner@gmail.com

Phone: 402-304-6999